About me

Who am I?


Name: Rafal Pietka

A.K.A.: Ten gość od zdjęć - That guy taking photos

Born: 26 Dec 1979 in Poland

Location: London, United Kingdom

Occupation: Photographer, Retoucher, Designer

Hobby: Motorcycles, Music, Martial Arts

Bio: My fondness and passion to the photography happened to develop over the years, when it all started during my study yet at the primal school. At that particular moment though, it was merely an interest of mine, which couldn't persist as I wasn't able to afford such a teachings and lectures. The years have passed since then and while I managed to devote myself to the art again, I met Adam Swiergul, who explained to me the very basic principles of the photography, including such actions as taking the photos properly. That, I could consider as my very first step into the photography world. However this happening, kind of just restored, renewed the passion of mine for the photography and I could develop my knowledge even further as I already knew the basics and then it was only a matter of talking to and getting to know more people alike Adam. In fact I did, the second person who influenced me greatly within the photography field was Piotr Trybalski. He is a passionate traveler making his way across all around the world and capturing pictures from the most astonishing and inspiring places. Getting to know him allowed me to enhance my knowledge as I could ask Piotr whatever I wanted to know, plus he always knows what he's talking about when it comes to the photography. Adjusting the settings, setting up camera positions, having a go with the picture's contrast or brightness and so on, are no mysteries to me anymore. This is one of this kind of experience which can be easily achieved by conversing with people and establishing new relationships. And so, I started to be playful with the camera and experiment, combine techniques already known to me. For a few times then, I even happened to be a photo journalist and I was handed over the work assignments. It was an interesting experience as this time I was tasked of what to do and keeping the barrier of the assignments was quite important thing to abide. Now I could already specify that my favourite artists are Steve McCurry and Anie Leibovitz as they capture the very deepness and sense of the characters. By capturing the face mimics, postures, poses and the looks of the photo's characters, those artist allow themselves to convey certain expressions and feelings throughout the photos. I might also mention that I'm fan of every and each photographer from the Magnum Photos cooperative as well. Their work on the other hand, involve mutual assistance in hope to achieve their goals and have intriguing, original and quality pictures at the end of the day. Nevertheless I extended my knowing of the photography over the recent years and for that I'm happy for myself. The photography itself is about so useful that it can provides you with the alternative sources, ways for inspirations, if not already make a themes on which you can base your piece in one hundred percent. Therefore I will continue to getting to know better and better the photography field as I'm certain that sooner or later it will prove useful time and time again. 



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